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Part 1: Camera Setup:
  Q1: How to configure camera network with Smartlink?
  Q2: How to configure camera network with hotspot?
  Q3: How to visit my camera in the remote?
  Q4: How to set up the camera on Windows OS at first time?

Paart2: Camra Operation
  Q1:I forgot user name and password of my camera, what I can do next?
  Q2: Why my camera cannot connect wireless?
  Q3:Why i can't log-in camera with WiFi after change new router/network?
  Q4:How can I get the alarm recordings on HD cameras
  Q5: Why I can't received the alarm push notification on App.
  Q6: I've added  multple devices, but I can't control them in PC software?
  Q7: How to monitor multple cameras in WAN / LAN?
  Q8: when motion detection triggered? How offen?
  Q9: How to set email alarm on MJPEG based cameras
  Q10: How long can a 32G Micro SD Card record?
  Q11: What types of Micro SD Card can use in camera?