2.0MP JPEG And Video Serial Camera Dual Camera

Item No.: ZM-CAM200-DL-A
Description:◆ 2.0mp(1920*1080), (640*480), (320*240)
◆ Lens: 2.8mm/3,6mm/6MM ect;
◆ IR Leds 850/940;
◆ RS232/485/TTL
◆ Protocol: ZMID
◆ Voltage: 5V/9-36V;
◆ Connector: DB9 Female
◆ Cable: Customized
*Dual Lens camera,front and back ,two in one, easy to install.
*TF card storage,recording local video in the TF card
*Take serial JPEG picture and send to gps tracker or other device 
*Auto matic capture picture, Gap time can be setted, 3 sec,5 sec,10 sec, 20 sec per one
*Have intergrate with most of the gps tracker,such as Galileosky gps/Ruptela gps/Teltonika gps,Meitrack, Atrack and so on. 

 ZM-CAM200-DL is easy-to-use and can be attached to computer and any other embedded devices to perform as a video or a JPEG compressed camera for image acquisiton. Such as the GPS tracking system, the remote monitoring system etc.
 ZM-CAM200-DL are used in tracking system in many countires and can be connected to the most of GPS trackers, such asRuptela,Geolileosky,Teltonika,Omnicomm,Atrack,Meitrack, Holloo,Huabao,etc.
 Since we are the manufacturer,all products can be customized to meet all customer's requirements,such as the Power voltage,Braudrate,IR red,serial interface,communication protocol,Connector,cable length and so on.